The Team

Michael Lofranco
Michael LofrancoLeader (Real Estate Broker)
As the Founder and Leader of Triumph Real Estate, Michael Lofranco has diverse experience in real estate development, marketing and sales. He is directly involved with the marketing and sales of pre-construction condominium developments and plays a major consulting role. Mr. Lofranco focuses on pre-development planning and design advisement. He is exceptionally experienced in the sales and marketing of projects and has a detailed understanding of in-suite design and mix, along with marketing and sales strategies that produce outstanding results. While his industry experience is broad, his focus has always been to satisfy the client and invite their repeat business. He has launched bold projects and has achieved record-setting results. His teams have been widely recognized for their industry knowledge and dedicated work ethic.
Tony Choi
Tony ChoiReal Estate Sales Representative
Tony Choi is a serial entrepreneur turned Real Estate agent. His natural ability is to create businesses, grow businesses, market businesses and sell businesses. His experience in E-commerce, Social Media, and Online Marketing helps the team to reach clients, realtors and developers all around the world. Before becoming a realtor in Toronto, Tony created and sold his own businesses. If you want your development to be known all over the world, Tony Choi is the guy who makes sure that your development gets the exposure it deserves.

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