Triumph Real Estate works exclusively with G Group Development Corp. We assist with the whole process of designing, promoting and selling Pre-construction units, which is why we absolutely know which units are best for our buyers and know how best to sell them once they are completed.


The Triumph Real Estate team is the Exclusive Real Estate Sales Team for G Group Development Corp. and has assisted with the planning, launching and selling of multiple Condo projects around the Greater Toronto Area. For absolute first access to G Group Projects and Platinum Access to Other Projects, contact our team for more info.

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Due to our extensive experience and deep understanding of various residential and commercial condominiums, The Triumph Real Estate team is the perfect choice for your assignment property. Need to assign your residential condominium? We will help you with the process from start to finish.

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Our team of Ontario Realtors not only know Pre-construction condos better than the average real estate agent, we also help those who are looking to buy or sell condominiums that have already been built. Want to list your condominium for sale? Our understanding of residential and commercial condominiums will help you get the very best deal possible.

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Not only can the Triumph Real Estate team assist you with your condominium property, we are also able to assist you with other types of real estate. We welcome you to not only list your condominium, but we can also help you with your townhouse, semi-detached house, as well as all types of detached homes.

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